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Analysis and Trends in China's Racking Industry (2024)


Current Situation:

The racking industry in China, as a crucial supporting sector of the national economy, has witnessed steady growth in recent years. Total social logistics costs, including storage costs, have contributed to a sustained and stable development environment for the shelf industry. 

In 2022, the market size reached approximately 16.36 billion yuan, marking a 4.2% year-on-year increase. The integration of informatization, automation, and intelligent technology has spurred significant changes in the shelf industry, leading to a rise in demand for specialized and other shelves.

Industry Dynamics:

Shelves, vital for storing and displaying goods across various sectors, have become indispensable in modern logistics activities. They play a pivotal role in warehouse efficiency, directly impacting the modernization of warehouse management. 

The adaptability of shelf design and types to different uses and needs has resulted in a diverse array of shelves, such as retail, storage, bookshelves, and industrial shelves. The main raw materials for storage shelves, sourced from the steel manufacturing industry, primarily consist of steel coils and other metal-plated steel products.

Future Trends:

Intelligent and Digital Transformation: 

The widespread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is driving the evolution of shelves towards greater intelligence and digitalization. Shelves are anticipated to feature sensors, cameras, and screens to collect real-time data. This transformation aims to provide personalized recommendations and promotions, empowering retailers to better understand consumer behavior and shopping habits.

Automation Advancements: 

Automation technology is set to revolutionize shelf maintenance and inventory management. The integration of robots for tasks like replenishing shelves, tracking inventory, and sorting goods is expected to enhance efficiency and reduce labor costs in the industry.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Markets: 

With increasing market diversity, shelf manufacturers are gearing up to offer more customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of different industries and brands. This shift towards customization reflects the industry's commitment to meeting evolving market demands.

The racking industry in China is poised for a dynamic future, driven by technological advancements, automation, and a commitment to providing tailored solutions for diverse market segments.


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