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What are the requirements of heavy-duty shelves for ground?


Heavy-duty racks, also known as beam-type racks, are a relatively common racking form in storage racking systems. It is a fully assembled structure in the form of uprights and beams. It is easy to install, has high space utilization of the racking system, and is flexible and convenient to access. 

Heavy-duty shelves can be additionally equipped with accessories such as steel laminates, mesh laminates, partitions, storage cages and other accessories according to the characteristics of the customer's stored goods to meet different cargo placement needs. 

For storage equipment and storage heavy-duty shelves, it is an important role in the warehouse. Now it is used to store heavier goods and has the characteristics of being under high pressure. Therefore, when designing heavy-duty shelves, it is also necessary to place the shelves on the warehouse floor. The actual situation is one of the factors.

Requirements for storage racks heavy-duty rack storage ground:

The storage floor on which the heavy-duty shelves is placed is of concrete structure, and the concrete is divided into self-made concrete and commercial concrete. In order to meet the ground bearing requirements, the shelf manufacturer recommends the use of commercial concrete. The concrete market labels from low to high mainly include C20, C25, and C30. The strength of concrete must reach C25 or above to meet the use of heavy-duty shelves. The design load capacity of the normal ground is 10t/square. 

The foundation of the concrete ground must be the original soil, not the backfill soil. If the backfill soil is used, it can only be allowed to settle naturally, otherwise it will cause the ground to sink and affect the use of heavy-duty shelves. There are hidden dangers in use.

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