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How to improve the stability of heavy duty storage shelves

For a high-level warehouse, if the height of the warehouse shelf is too low, it will waste a lot of space on the upper level of the warehouse. Therefore, according to the requirements of customers, the heavy duty storage shelves will generally reach the appropriate height. But the higher the shelf height, the greater the need for overall stability. After all, once there is a problem in the high-level heavy storage shelves, there will be serious security risks. So, what factors determine the stability of storage shelves? Now, listen to the editor's brief description:
The main components of column and beam storage shelf, the stability of column and beam determines the stability of storage shelf. The common method is to use high-strength bolts to connect beams and columns to ensure the stability of shelves through higher strength.
Secondly, the explosion bolt can be installed at the bottom of the shelf to better fix the warehouse shelf system on the ground.
Some beams can also be used to connect the shelves and shelves, and the shelves in the whole warehouse can become a large whole, so as to enhance the shelves and stability.
In addition, the use of higher strength materials in the manufacturing of warehouse shelves can also improve shelf stability. When using, the heavy goods are placed under the shelf and the light goods are placed on the shelf. These small details can also stabilize the shelves.
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