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How to select storage pallet racking in heavy duty warehouse?

Warehouse steel storage rack is a kind of storage equipment. Packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting and information management are six basic functions of logistics. With the development of current logistics, warehouse storage shelves will become more and more popular in the application of enterprises, so before choosing storage shelves, as the buyer, what factors do we need to know? Here are some key points for you to pay attention to about how to select warehouse shelves:
1. Types of goods and containers for loading; products using storage racks are usually stored on steel pallets or plastic pallets first, and then put on the shelves. As a manufacturer of storage racks, aceally China's shelf manufacturers usually need to know the weight of the pallets and the height of the pallets. In addition, we need to know the specific dimensions of the pallets, Then the length and depth of the shelf are designed according to the size of the pallet. As the purchaser, before selecting the shelf, it is necessary to understand these sizes, so that the supplier can calculate the size of the shelf.
2. Shelf delivery frequency: in some specific industries, there may be high requirements for delivery frequency, which is also very important for the purchaser to select the storage shelf type, because different shelf types have different delivery frequency. In this regard, the purchaser needs to consider it.
3. Loading and unloading equipment: different from the manual access of medium-sized shelves in this section, heavy shelves are heavily loaded, and forklifts are normally used to load and unload shelves, which requires the purchasing personnel to inform the warehouse shelf manufacturer when purchasing the shelves, so as to plan the shelves according to the forklift parameters, such as the size of the shelf channel and other factors.
4. The load level of the warehouse floor pallet racking; if we want to know the load capacity of the warehouse floor, we need to know the load capacity of the warehouse from the warehouse contractor first. This is very important. If your warehouse has only one ton of ground bearing capacity and five tons of shelf bearing capacity, it will inevitably cause the ground to sink or deform, even collapse, and there are potential safety accidents. Do not only consider to save space to build high shelves, but also consider the basic weight of materials stored in high shelves.
5. The layout of factory shelves; many enterprises only pay attention to the space utilization of shelves when they build shelves, but ignore the concept of logistics. Pay attention to the fluidity of materials after shelf construction. Because of different layout, the size, bearing capacity, handling equipment and other aspects of the storage rack may be different.
Through the above introduction, if you have any questions about the selection of heavy warehouse steel storage shelves, please feel free to contact me, and I will contact you at the first time.
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