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Intensive Storage Shelves of Drive-in Racking Systems


Intensive Storage Shelves of Drive-in Racking Systems

Leasing a warehouse is not easy, especially in the big cities where there is no much land to use. A boss recently is very distressed, who owns his dairy products business in Guangzhou city and has some limited problem for warehouse space, shorts in funds to rent another warehouse. So he wanted to improve the space utilization of the warehouse and found our Spieth Storage.

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After hearing of his troubles, we suggested that he change the racking systems. Compared with the beam rack, the shelf utilization rate can reach about 80percent, and the warehouse utilization space rate can be increased by more than 30percent. This rack is Drive-in Racking Systems. Through our introduction, this boss decisively purchased a number of Drive-in Racking, a few days before call us that he no longer has to find a way to lease warehouse cause now the warehouse space perfectly meet his storage needs. What's the magic between Drive-in Racking systems?

drive in racking systems

Drive-in racking, also known as Drive-through racking for forklifts (or unmanned van with fork) access to access the cargo for a small variety of large quantities of bulk storage of goods. The use of lattice columns connected to the side of the multi-door type, the direction of the tray one by one stored on the cantilever shelf structure. This type of shelf structure makes the forklift for space sharing, greatly improving the warehouse space, site area utilization. The effective storage capacity of warehouses can be increased by 100percent or more, in contrast with the investment cost being controlled and the benefits significantly improved. In terms of global storage costs, investment costs are generally offset by increased storage capacity benefits over three years.

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Note that the racking in the same working channel of the goods can not be FIFO, suitable for large quantities, less variety or work channel goods flow together to the same customer storage of goods, such as beverages, dairy products, tobacco, low temperature Frozen storage, standard appliances, chemicals, clothing and other industries. Used for access to bulk goods, higher requirements for FIFO, small quantities, more varieties of goods is not suitable. But overall, this is a relatively small investment, space-efficient shelves, you deserved it.
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