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Production process of cantilever pipe storage racks

With the development of various industries, there is a problem in the storage of many regular and irregular goods. Irregular goods are placed on regular shelves, which leads to waste of resources. In this case, people think of the cantilever pallet racking. The shape of the cantilever steel rack makes it have many other advantages when storing irregular items. Generally speaking, the cantilever storage rack syste  is used to store large-scale steel and long strip shape materials. I think its manufacturing process is very simple, and its appearance is also very simple. This shape makes it have certain advantages over other types of shelves when storing other items. Let's take a look at the production process of cantilever metal storage racks.
The column piece and column piece of cantilever racks are connected by connecting rod which is generally made of rectangular tube. All cantilever pipe rack parts are semi-finished products after production, and will be spray molded in the last process. Before the shot blasting, the shot blasting machine shall be used to remove oil and rust before the shot blasting. Packing and delivery after completion.
In order to increase safety and stability, special puller should be added on the connecting rod to fix the column piece tightly.
We've learned about the manufacturing process of the cantilever pallet racking. Let's take a look at its materials. Generally, two materials are used:
First, it is made of C-shaped steel: according to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, the specification of C-shaped steel shall be selected first, then two pieces of C-shaped steel shall be butt welded, after welding, the anti-skid guard board shall be welded at one end, and the U-shaped column connector shall be welded at the other end.
Second, the use of square tube production: cantilever pipe storage racks according to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, first select the square tube to meet the layer load requirements, cut into the required size, welding in one end of the anti-skid guard board, the other end of the welding connection U-shaped column connection made.
Because of its strong load-bearing capacity, cantilever shelf has been sought after by many steel enterprises. In recent years, the steel market has gradually stepped out of the downturn, so the order quantity of cantilever rack is steadily increasing.
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