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Advantages of adding wire mesh decks to cantilever shelf system

Cantilevered racks is a kind of rack design for the storage of long strip goods, which is suitable for storing long materials, circular materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. The shelf is semi open, single or double cantilever structure, with stable structure, good load capacity, high space utilization, widely used in mechanical processing and building materials industry. The main components of the cantilever, the bracket and the back bracket include the cantilever, the bracket and the back. What are the benefits of adding mesh to the cantilever and base of the cantilever shelf?
To add mesh is to place the mesh laminate on the cantilever and base, as shown in the figure below. Compared with the cantilever shelf, the steel plate is added to the cantilever shelf, and the goods can be placed on the cantilever mesh, so the visibility is better. When forklift workers fork out the upper goods on the ground, it is easy to operate; each shelf has good lighting, and the goods have a larger support area, which is not easy to deform; and And for the warehouse with higher fire protection level, the mesh is hollow mesh, which is easier to meet the fire requirements.
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