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How to choose suitable racking system

Cold storage can be described as "an inch of land, an inch of money". Choosing the appropriate shelf system, using every cubic meter for customers, and the warehouse application rate reached are the key factors for shelf supply enterprises to consider.
The combination of warehouse and rack is an ideal high-level storage system, which can fix the roof and side wall of the warehouse directly on the shelf, thus eliminating the construction work of the warehouse. Warehouse application rate is high, long-term investment return rate is also high. At the same time, the technical requirements for shelves are also very high.
Common through rack system, drive in rack system and other rack types, such as drive in pallet racks, push back rack system, gravity rack system, are mainly selected according to the different requirements of customers. On the whole, it's not good, as long as it's appropriate.
Choose the appropriate shelf appearance disposal method
Spraying (epoxy polyester electrostatic powder spraying) is a common way of shelf surface disposal. As for the cold storage which is not very strict about the anti-corrosion and anti rust requirements, the applicability is very good and the economy is applicable.
Compared with spraying, the cost of hot dip galvanizing (hot dip galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing) is higher, and the cost is about 40% higher. Hot dip galvanizing is to immerse the derusted steel parts into the molten zinc melted at about 500 ℃ to make the surface of the steel members adhere to the zinc layer, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.
If the customer's request for anti-corrosion and anti rust is relatively high and not sensitive to the cost, the appearance of hot-dip galvanizing can be used.
In many cases, it can also be handled sensitively. According to the detailed situation, different appearance disposal methods are adopted to reach the optimal solution, such as the entry system, the main shelf adopts spraying method, and the ground guide rail placed in the air can be hot-dip galvanized, so as to achieve good cost advantage and application effect.
drive in pallet racks

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