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What should be paid attention to when choosing the drive in rack

Drive in storage rack, also known as through type shelf or corridor type shelf, is a kind of whole block rack not separated by passageway. Compared with ordinary beam type shelf, it reduces forklift channel and makes the application rate of no time space higher. Compared with other intensive shelves, the supporting use of the front moving forklift or counterweight forklift, the system cost is relatively low. So, how to stop the planning and design of inbound storage shelves? Here, the following data must be understood in the selection of rack in drive in warehouse:
Detailed model and parameters of forklift truck:
After understanding the model and parameters of the forklift, we can know the depth of the goods taken by the forklift and the size of the forklift, so as to confirm the specifications and the overall length, width and height of the unit drive in storage rack.
Instructions and requirements for goods entering and leaving warehouse:
In fact, the above also mentioned the preparation of goods in and out. In fact, scientific and reasonable methods have been adopted for shelf design to understand the effective shelf placement planning of goods in and out direction, so as to ensure that the rack device can work twice.
Building condition of storage area:
In depth understanding of the various building conditions of the warehouse, including the location of ceiling beams, fire hydrants and important entrances and exits. In this way, a reasonable reserved channel can be designed for the entry storage rack, which is convenient for the circulation of goods and personnel in the future.
Raised height of forklift truck and net height applicable to warehouse:
The total height of the storage rack and the effective storage unit are related to the lifting height of the forklift and the net height of the warehouse. The designer must understand the height that the forklift used by the warehouse management can lift and measure the height of the customer's warehouse.
Only knowing these parameters can we design a better shelf system which is more in line with our own warehouse. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us feedback.
Drive in storage rack
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