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What are the uses of heavy pallet shelves

With the development of warehousing industry, the use of heavy duty pallet racks is very common, which can be used by almost all enterprises, including food, electronics, household appliances, communication, computer, instrument, furniture, clothing, automobile and other industries.
Due to the characteristics of low cost, safe and reliable, simple and convenient assembly and disassembly, heavy storage shelves are suitable for all walks of life, especially for some large-scale warehouses, such as food handling industry, household appliances industry and manufacturing industry.
As we all know, food warehouses have a common feature, that is, the amount of goods is large, but the type is single. The heavy-duty shelves adopt the cold-rolled folding beam, which has the characteristics of strong load-bearing ability and low cost. It can meet the first in first out request of food warehouse, and can easily stop the storage and retrieval of goods only with the help of forklift.
Due to the heavy load, this kind of shelf can meet the needs of many home appliances industry. Especially for some small enterprises, it can place household appliances according to the brand specification, model, batch and delivery time, which will have unexpected storage effect.
In addition, the appearance industry is also an important category in our country. In this regard, the design of heavy shelf appearance should meet the needs of manufacturing industry as much as possible, including the overall shelf appearance design and the detailed design of related parts. When the design of heavy shelf can start from the practical needs of users, it can often bring good transportation.
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