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Advantages of automated warehouse

At present, automated warehouse is widely used in tobacco, beverage, medicine, automobile, clothing and other industries with single package or large consumption. Why is automated warehouse widely used in these industries? It mainly benefits from the following aspects:
1. Because the vertical space of the warehouse can be fully utilized, the storage capacity per unit area is far greater than that of the ordinary single-layer warehouse (generally 4-7 times of the single-layer warehouse). At present, the world's highest three-dimensional warehouse can reach more than 40 meters, with a capacity of 300000 cargo spaces.
2. All warehouse operations are mechanized and automated. On the one hand, it can greatly save manpower, reduce labor costs, and on the other hand, it can greatly improve operation efficiency.
3. The use of computer for storage management can facilitate "first in, first out" and prevent the goods from natural aging, deterioration, rust, as well as the loss of goods.
4. The location is centralized, which is convenient for control and management, especially the use of electronic computers, which can not only realize the automatic control of operations, but also carry out information processing.
5. It can better adapt to the requirements of dark, low temperature, toxic and other special environment. For example, the film factory stores the film reels in the automatic three-dimensional warehouse. Under the completely dark condition, the computer control can realize the automatic entry and exit of the film reels.
6. When pallets or containers are used to store goods, the damage rate of goods is significantly reduced
The above advantages are the reasons that shelf manufacturers have summed up that automated warehouse can be widely loved. It is precisely because of these reasons that many enterprise warehouses decide to use automated warehouse as the way of company's goods storage. However, in practice, it also involves the company's funds and leaders' opinions on whether to use automated warehouse shelves The cognition of automatic stereoscopic database and so on.
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