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Characteristics of different types of logistics trolley cages

At present, The logistics trolley cage mainly has the following types and different characteristics:
I. L-type overall foldable
Product characteristics
1. Simple and convenient folding operation and space saving
2. With signboard and safety hanging pole, the operation process is clear, safe and reliable;
3. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, which is beautiful and beautiful;
II. Multi level logistics trolley
1. The logistics industry and the production industry carry the sharp tools, which can make the production line space fully operate;
2. Plan production, save manpower and reduce cost to achieve high production capacity and high quality;
3. Mainstream of product handling to ensure the safety and reliability of personnel and goods during handling;
4. Large storage space and flexible application, foldable collection does not occupy space;
5. With signboard, clear process operation, easy and flexible transportation.
6. High mobility, beautiful structure, electrostatic spray treatment on the surface, long service life;
7. It can be attached with a safety belt, and the fixed rod can be loaded and unloaded quickly. It can be transported with the truck in the whole process, and can be folded for storage without occupying space for transportation;
8. Professional design, convenient operation, time-saving and labor-saving. Widely used in logistics distribution industry and processing and manufacturing industry. It is a necessary choice for small objects to be handled, stored and displayed for various purposes;
9. According to the specific needs, the number of layers of cage car can be increased;
Three and four door logistics trolley
Product features:
1. Four door structure, upper and lower doors can be opened and closed respectively;
2. High quality caster configuration, quiet, labor-saving and durable;
At present, spieth shelf manufacturer is committed to the R & D and production of turnover cage car in order to better help customers carry out the turnover of goods, and has been loved by many foreign customers and friends. In the future, Spieth (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to strengthen the production and research of logistics trolley cages.
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