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Stackable Plastic Bins

Back hanging parts box is made of polypropylene, which has good mechanical properties, light weight and long service life. It is resistant to common acid and alkali under normal working temperature, suitable for cars Production site, warehouse and other occasions. It is a good helper to improve the level of logistics management. In case of electrostatic polypropylene as the material of anti-static parts box, anti-static surface and volume resistivity can be achieved; anti-static parts box can meet the majority of electronic industry anti-static demand.
The parts box has dividers, and the labels, it is more convenient to pick the material. And it is more convenient to use with material finishing rack, work table, multi-layer trolley, wall hanging board.
Stackable parts box also called composite parts box, combined application of flexible parts box, can dismiss the up and down or so casual connection, depending on the needs to be combined into a variety of different use of space, make the production or work site of all kinds of parts classify, tidy and beautiful, cooperate with color in management, widely used in electronic, machinery, pharmaceutical and other industries. Component boxes can be divided into ordinary component boxes and reinforced component boxes.
Drawer parts Box is also called multifunction material box. The removable parts are made of high strength of modified PP, can be used with shelves as a drawer, also can separately stack together. All the boxes equipped with transparent panels and labels to distinguish the materials. Standard inventory color is light blue, yellow and red need special customized.
stackable plastic bins
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