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Design basis of push back pallet rack

The height of heavy duty push back rack structure can be separated from the total storage request, the storage height of warehouse can be planned, and the lifting ability of forklift or other handling machinery can be confirmed; the roadway width of structure shall be confirmed according to the normal operation and operation of forklift, stacker or other storage and transportation equipment, and the basic design basis is as follows:
(1) Storage unit: it is the design basis for the structural dimension, carrying capacity, structural stability and storage operation mode of the push back shelf, the shape and size of the stored items are directly related to the depth of the selected standard pallet and the optional specification, and the rack size of the push back shelf is designed according to the pallet specification and the unilateral clearance between the pallet and the column not less than 75mm, etc Design parameters such as supporting specifications and depth of the pallet trolley; single weight of the stored goods determines the structural strength and stability check and design request of the pallet trolley, the selection of the support bearing of the pallet trolley, the design calculation and check of the track beam specifications and the rack beam column specifications; the weight distribution uniformity of the stored goods determines the structural components of the press in rack The non-uniformity of deformation greatly increases the difficulty and uncertainty of the design and calculation of the shelf structure, and also makes the economy of the whole structure fall.
(2) Motion matching of pallet moving car and rail beam: reasonable wheel rail matching surface and motion contact surface are the basis for analysis and design of motion characteristics of pallet moving car. The total design length of rail beam is ≥ total depth of pallet + 250mm, and the front and rear ends of rail beam are designed with front block or back block to limit the motion travel of pallet moving car and ensure the storage and operation process of goods Safety, movement stability and guidance;
(3) Warehouse structure and its foundation: consider the warehouse's fire-fighting equipment, lighting equipment, operation process, operable storage space and the effective height of the high beam in the shelf structure, so as to determine the structural height and planning of the push back shelf, the rationality of the operation in and out of the warehouse and the matching selection of the storage equipment; the beam and column position of the warehouse will affect the push back rack The overall planning and the total number of storage goods, the air foundation bearing capacity of the warehouse and the air flatness will have a certain impact on the design, planning, installation and adjustment of the push back shelf.
(4) Access Rationality: general access and storage density are relative. In order to get a higher storage density, it is necessary to sacrifice the access of goods. After the main body of the push back shelf structure is confirmed, it is necessary to separate its structural storage operation's request of technology, security, storage density, storage management, etc., and reasonably configure the handling equipment, operation channel and channel security configuration Components, operation area and function area, in order to optimize the scheme and storage operation mode, also need to reasonably adjust the design of track beam rake angle, improve the rationality and operation efficiency of storage operation.
(5) Handling equipment: the storage and retrieval of goods is completed by handling equipment, especially the horizontal thrust of the handling equipment is required to complete the pushing operation of the pallet moving trolley in the push back shelf. The movement limit and safety prompt of the handling equipment need to be considered. The reasonable configuration of the handling equipment will directly affect the use efficiency and use efficiency of the press in shelf.
(6) Total amount of goods in and out of the warehouse and operation efficiency: the quantity of goods in and out of the warehouse and operation efficiency of the push back shelf are not high, which is suitable for low-frequency operation. Some goods with high frequency in and out of the warehouse can be disposed by other measures such as shelf structure, operation area management and storage management, so as to reasonably plan the storage structure and planning of the reservoir area with comprehensive evaluation indexes.
push back pallet rack
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