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The characteristics of medium sized partition shelf in manual picking up

The steel longspan shelving racking system is mainly a combined shelf composed of columns, beams and laminates. The shelves are only connected by bolts and do not need to be welded. And beautiful appearance, is one of the commonly used shelf types for manual pickup. Its carrying capacity can reach 200 kg to 400 kg per floor. Most of the manually picked up products are suitable for use.
The medium duty storage goods can be adjusted up and down freely, which is convenient for the operators to enter and exit the goods, and the storage rack is not more than 2 meters in general. If the climbing equipment is used, the rack height can be up to 3 meters. It can be used alone, and can be spliced into various permutations freely.
The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and disassembly, the whole storage rack is not connected by bolts, and the main and auxiliary frames can be used for connection, with strong stability. The top and bottom of the shelf are connected by cross beams, and the frame is composed of safety pins. The column is composed of bracket and column, which is convenient to be placed on the base bracket. The laminated plate has a large bearing capacity, and the maximum layer can reach 250 kg / layer.
Use shelf surface treatment. Then spray. The surface color client is optional. The whole shelf is beautiful and durable. The longspan shelving is an ideal replacement product for the spare parts warehouse of enterprises and the warehouse of public institutions. The racking system uses special cold-rolled P-shaped closed beam, which has the characteristics of high reliability, light weight, strong bearing capacity and low cost.
It is equipped with special designed safety pin to ensure that the beam will not fall off under the action of external force. The laminate adopts the international popular strip composite material. The thickness of the laminate and the number of steel bars determine the layering requirements. It has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement and low maintenance cost. The medium-sized partition storage rack can be equipped with main frame and auxiliary frame freely, and can use the stability of the middle storage rack to build loft type shelf, which is suitable for manual access, as well as spare parts box and container.

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