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Understanding of pallet rack

In the existing pallet rack, we usually divide the pallet rack into drive in pallet rack and gravity pallet rack. Let's review the following two pallet racking system.
drive-in pallet racking
The floor height can be adjusted at will. Equipped with various types of forklifts and pallets, forklifts can directly enter into each storage area of the shelf for operation, and are suitable for storing and storing large quantities and small varieties of goods. Make full use of warehouse area.
Gravity pallet shelf
It is to design the shelf lane to a certain slope. Under the action of gravity, the pallet slides from the receiving end to the outgoing end, and the pallet is first in, first out, which is suitable for large batch and small variety of goods with high space utilization.
Tray type shelf has large span and high load capacity. Its span (length) is mainly determined by the size of the pallet. Generally, two conventional pallets can be placed on one shelf. If the single pallet is very large (more than 3 tons), only single pallet can be placed in each layer.
Pallet shelf structure is stable. Because of the high load-carrying requirements of pallet shelves, there are special requirements for the stability of pallet shelves. Pallet shelf feet must be installed with floor expansion screws to ensure the stability of pallet shelf.
Palletized shelves do not require laminates. Generally speaking, palletized shelves do not need laminates, just install span beams on the beams, and generally install 2 span beams at each pallet position. This can save a lot of cost.
The number of pallets can be determined by yourself. The number of layers of pallet type shelves can be determined according to the room height of the warehouse, the height of each pallet location and other conditions. The bottom layer can be placed directly with the ground without cross beam.
Pallet shelf has the advantages of high utilization rate, flexible and convenient access. With the help of computer management or control, pallet shelf can basically meet the needs of modern logistics system. Pallet shelf is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution center and other fields. It is not only suitable for many kinds of small batch items, but also suitable for small varieties of large batch items. Pallet shelf is widely used in high-level warehouse and super high-level warehouse.

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