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The correct use of warehouse mezzanine pallet racking

In some large environment warehouses, we can often see some unique shelf equipment, these shelves have many platforms, and on the platform can also store goods, this is what we often call the loft type shelf. The function of loft type shelf is to make more effective use of the warehouse space that can't be used at ordinary times. What should be paid attention to when using this shelf.
Generally speaking, the warehouse that needs to use loft type shelf will not be a small warehouse. This kind of warehouse is generally very large, with a large number of goods and complex types. If you use general shelf equipment, you may not be able to use the space above the warehouse to store goods, because the height of the shelf is not designed to be too high, too high height will lead to poor stability of the shelf.
And the structural composition of the attic shelf is a good solution to the problem of structural instability, because we can also store goods in the attic, and according to the different specifications of the materials used, the load-bearing capacity of the attic will be quite different. The most important thing is that workers in the attic can also work. In order to improve the convenience of work, they can also use some small mechanical equipment such as small carts to transport goods.
Mezzanine pallet racking is more common in large enterprises. When using this kind of shelf, it is necessary to pay attention to some usage specifications, especially the bearing capacity of the shelf. The loft type shelf can not store the goods whose weight exceeds the bearing capacity, otherwise once there is a problem, it will bring huge losses to the warehouse.

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