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The importance of storage shelves

In order to make the work of the unit well organized, the warehouse work is very important. As the saying goes, the troops and horses do not move their food and grass first. To do a good job in warehouse management is a successful gas station, reservoir and spare tire, which plays a decisive role in the normal operation of a unit and clearly recognizes the importance of warehouse management.
Warehouse storage racks as a company's material and finished product concentration, plays a very important role. In addition to the bank, almost all of the company's activity assets are concentrated in the warehouse. Whether the warehouse activities are smooth or not, the frequent consumption in and out, the normal and orderly receipt and delivery of materials are directly related to whether the company's various sales performance can achieve an effective purpose.
The digital accuracy of warehouse to materials is also related to the progress of consumption. If the materials are not supplied and consumed in time, the shortage of receiving and issuing materials may affect the smooth delivery.
The warehouse always takes on the function of transfer station. Warehouse plays an important role in consumption and goods circulation. The more convenient and efficient the turnover, the smoother the consumption and circulation. The return of funds is also faster. Warehouse is the gathering place of materials, so how to maintain and control the materials is directly related to whether all kinds of loss and waste can be reduced to a low level. Effective control and application of inventory, discontinuous maintenance to reduce natural loss, accurate digital control, etc.
There are three characteristics of disordered warehouse:
1. The warehouse is in disorder;
2. Redundant inventory;
3. Loose personnel.
Causes of confusion:
1. Daily cleaning is not in place
2. The storage location is set improperly, and the arrival plan and storage capacity plan are not clear
3. Inaccurate inventory leads to wrong decision-making in purchasing and sales
4. The product classification is unclear, the placement is not clear, and the product is placed at will
5. The personnel are not clear about the importance of their posts
6. The professional degree is not enough to show the due professional degree and professional degree
7. High work intensity and relatively poor working environment.
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