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Product process of shelf manufacturing company in medium duty shelving warehouse

No matter what kind of products, most customers have certain requirements for quality. For example, industrial product storage medium duty shelving system, many enterprises will look at the production process of shelf customization manufacturers before purchasing. What is the product process of Spieth medium duty shelving racking manufacturing company? Let's find out.
The production process of every medium duty warehouse shelving and shelf manufacturing company in Spieth Racking is different. The medium duty rack process of professional warehouse and heavy shelf manufacturers is generally as follows: blanking, leveling, punching, rolling, welding, alkali washing, pickling, phosphating, pure water cleaning, drying, electrostatic spraying of epoxy resin powder, curing and curing temperature ≥ 180 ℃ - Inspection and packaging. Each process has been strictly handled, so that the quality of the warehouse shelves produced can be guaranteed.
Of course, some medium duty shelving racking storage companies in China racking with poor product quality have relatively simple product process. There are no pickling and phosphating processes. Moreover, the quality of the powder sprayed may be relatively poor, so the quality of the product produced may be relatively poor. Therefore, when customizing storage shelves, you can't judge the quality just by looking at the price, the production process and the finished products.
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