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The principle of custom heavy shelves

The application of heavy duty warehouse racks is very wide, for example, it is used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers. It is also suitable for a small number of items, but also for small varieties and a large number of items. Heavy-duty warehouse racks will be more widely used in high-position warehouses and ultra-high-position warehouses. Let's take a look at the principles of using heavy duty pallet shelves in a custom shelf factory in Spieth.
Maybe many people think that heavy warehouse shelves are as simple as the splicing of various configuration files, but this is not the case. Customized shelf rack factories need to consider many issues in the production process, such as the practicality and aesthetics of the shelves.
Principles and characteristics of heavy-duty warehouse shelf design:
First of all, the Spey specific racking factory must first consider the size of the warehouse, the volume, weight, and size of the goods, and the convenience of forklift loading and unloading.
Secondly, it is whether the space reserved between the goods on the heavy duty storage shelves is sufficient, whether it is possible to leave a fire path, and then whether the operation of the workers is convenient and labor saving.
Finally, what kind of steel is used on the shelf? What is the quality of the selected steel? Does it not meet the standards? How should the surface of the shelf be treated with rust?
These are the issues that shelf manufacturers need to consider when customizing the shelf, otherwise small errors may affect the normal life and appearance of the shelf.
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