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How much do you know about cantilever racks?


Enhanced Storage Efficiency

Cantilever racks are a type of removable rack system that significantly increase the storage capacity and optimize the planning of warehouse space. These racks ensure that stored goods maintain their quality and are effectively protected from moisture and damage.

Flexible Design Options

The cantilever racks can be designed as single-sided or double-sided based on the warehouse layout. Single-sided cantilever racks are ideal for placement against walls for storage and retrieval, while double-sided racks, positioned in the middle of the warehouse, maximize storage capacity and facilitate easy access to goods.


Robust Construction Materials

The columns and bases of cantilever racks are typically constructed from I-beam or cold-rolled steel. The cantilevers themselves can be made from the same materials or from square tubes. These components are bolted together and can support weights ranging from 2 to 3 tons.

Dimensional Specifications

Cantilever racks are designed with specific height and width limitations for safety and functionality. The overall height does not exceed 11 meters, and the width, including the arm length, is under 2 meters. Each arm can support weights of up to 1,000 kilograms.

Protective Features

Despite being a metal composite structure, cantilever racks are equipped with protective liners made of wood or rubber to prevent damage to stored materials. The specifications and load-bearing capacities of these racks can be customized to meet specific needs.

Versatile Storage Solutions

To accommodate the storage of bulky and heavy goods, steel or wooden laminates or mesh can be added to the cantilever racks. This adaptability makes them especially suitable for small spaces and low-floor warehouses.

Modular Connectivity

Cantilever racks are not standalone units; they can be connected with multiple columns to form continuous rows of shelves. This modular approach allows for the efficient storage of various types of goods, such as wood, pipes, and long items. Adjustable clamps on the columns, comprising 3-4 cantilevers and longitudinal beams, add to their versatility.

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