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steel platform

Customer requirements: due to the variety of products placed by customers, there are a lot of manually handled goods, which are usually shipped as spare parts; large load per unit area;
Treatment mode: multi-layer steel platform + medium-sized shelf; the floor is of steel grid structure, with one light transmission and two good bearing capacity;
Number of customers' on-site storage: 5000 small pallets + 400 pallets
The steel platform produced by aceally can improve storage height and increase space utilization. The steel platform is mainly supported by columns, and the spacing between columns is between 5-6m. Due to the sufficient distance, it has wide applicability; it can be combined with the shelf to form a multi-mode access function. The steel platform is generally 2-storey, and can also be multi-storey in special cases, with a bearing capacity of 300-1000kg / ㎡. The goods are mainly packed on pallets, with forklifts and manual hydraulic trucks as moving tools, and elevators, hoists or forklifts are used between floors. Jiangrui steel platform is easy to install and has professional installation instructions. We have a professional installation team to solve your worries. If it is necessary to go abroad to guide the installation, our company has a professional expatriate project manager, who can guide the installation according to the needs of customers.
Aceally steel platform is composed of column, main beam, auxiliary beam, floor, back pull / top pull / side pull, stair, fence, etc. The column is mainly made of round or square pipes; the main beam and auxiliary beam are mainly made of H-shaped steel or I-shaped steel, which are connected by screws. The floor is mainly composed of smooth floor, and the floor and auxiliary beam are fixed in the form of interlocking. Back pull, top pull and side pull are mainly angle steel to increase the overall stability of the steel platform.

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