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How to use cantilever steel pallet racking

Of all the material handling options, cantilever shelves are the fastest growing. Cantilever shelf also known as industrial pipe rack or timber rack is the only solution to a very common storage problem. Manufacturers often find that their products are rectangular and bulky, which need to be stored safely, but there is no real way to prevent them from getting in the way and occupying the place. If this makes you headache, a set of heavy cantilever shelves is the ideal solution.
The cantilever shelf can conveniently store long and bulky articles, such as wood, water pipe, bar, plywood, iron pipe, steel pipe or any other raw material handling articles that are too long or clumsy in shape.
You can buy single or double cantilever shelves - the only difference is the open space on both sides and whether it can be used for storage.
Single side shelves can only use one side for storage, while double side shelves can store materials on both sides.
Aceally's cantilever shelves are based on modules of each bearing type (medium, heavy or super heavy), so additional cantilever arms, cross braces and columns may need to be added to the existing shelf system. You can customize your system by exchanging different sizes of cantilevers on different racks for different purposes.
It should be noted that the cantilever should never be placed on the back of the single cantilever shelf. This is very dangerous and can cause serious injury or death.
Advantages of cantilever shelf
Immediate accessibility to a single component or full load
Handle heavy inventory quickly and easily
Provide an orderly inventory system
It is allowed to store pipes, pipes, steel bars, structural materials and other large weights that must be lifted from the ground
The base can be used for storage without reducing the capacity of the column.
Forklift loading and unloading is simple and convenient.
It is very convenient to use additional cantilever, column and diagonal brace to expand the existing shelf

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