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How does steel carton live racking work

Steel carton live racking we can also call it sliding shelf, the most important component of steel carton live pallet racking is its fluency bar. In general, the materials used for fluency bar are sheet metal aluminum alloy, so the load-bearing capacity of fluency shelf itself is not very large. Normally, we are used to store some lighter small commodities.
The working mode of fluency shelf is first in, first out. The goods are put into the shelf from one end of fluency shelf, and then the goods will automatically move to the lower end of the shelf through fluency bar due to gravity. This is one of the main working methods of fluency shelf. On the one hand, the advantages of this working method help enterprises save space in the warehouse more effectively, and can also play a role in improving work efficiency. It is the preferred equipment for goods management of some production lines.
Fluency shelf has a special structure. The beams of traditional shelves are all at the same level. The advantage of this design is to ensure that the goods can be placed on the shelves smoothly. The crossbeam of the fluxion type shelf has a certain height difference directly, because this can make the fluxion bar form a certain slope, so that the goods can automatically move from the high end to the low end. Of course, in order to avoid damage caused by goods falling too fast into the shelves, we can't design too steep slope of the fluency strip. In some long ramps, we can also properly install some deceleration devices to cushion.
Fluency shelf can also be used with electronic labels, through the use of electronic labels to achieve information management of goods, improve the management level of the whole warehouse, which plays a very important role in the operation of the whole enterprise.
steel carton live pallet racking
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