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What are the main functions and characteristics of through in rack

Heavy duty through in storage rack is a kind of rack with high intensive storage mode. It uses a special forklift to let the forklift into the inside of the rack for storage and transportation. That is to say, this kind of shelf does not need to leave a passage for the forklift when it is installed, which can maximize the space utilization of the warehouse.
Compared with the traditional shelves, the through shelves have many advantages. The closely arranged way makes this kind of shelves reduce the waste of space to the minimum when they are installed, that is to say, more goods can be stored by using the through shelves in the same warehouse. Through shelf can support a variety of working modes, even in the warehouse with complex product types can also play a good role. The through type shelf can be designed to work independently at both ends, so that each area in the warehouse can be divided neatly.
Of course, there will be a series of problems in the use of through shelves. The typical problem is the limited type of goods stored. Because of the particularity of the working mode, the through rack can only store one type of goods in one channel, which greatly limits the type of goods and is not suitable for those warehouses with very complex product types. The through rack has high requirements for the forklift operation technology of warehouse workers. Forklifts often need to enter the interior of forklifts, so it is necessary to have solid forklift operation technology, so as to avoid some collision accidents as much as possible.
The through rack structure is more complex than the general storage rack, and the technical requirements for the storage rack manufacturers are also higher. Our company has manufactured many through shelves for customers. In this respect, we have professional technicians who can solve various problems for customers. If you have any need, you can contact us. We will arrange professionals to contact you at the first time.
through in storage rack
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