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What factors should be considered in the selection of shelf height

Height is a very important specification parameter in the purchasing process of shelf and storage rack. In general, the higher the shelf height is, the greater the available storage space is. What factors should be considered in the selection of rack height?
Although the higher the shelf height is, the higher the utilization rate of the warehouse space will be. However, the height selection of the shelf should consider a variety of situations, and can not blindly pursue the height. The following factors should be paid attention to when the shelf height is customized:
Warehouse height:
The height of the warehouse is the limiting factor to determine the height of the rack. Therefore, the specification of the warehouse rack should be customized according to the situation of the warehouse. The position of the ceiling and beam of the warehouse should be considered, and the height of the warehouse should be the useful height of the warehouse.
Shape and scale of goods storage:
The shape and scale of the stored goods determine the size of the goods, which will affect the overall height of the rack. If your shelf has storage, and requires daily reuse or rapid turnover, it may not be suitable for high inventory, otherwise too high shelf will easily cause storage and retrieval trouble and affect the overall storage efficiency.
The correlation between access and storage density:
In order to obtain higher storage density, the storage and retrieval capacity of goods must be sacrificed. Although some forms of shelf storage rack can achieve better storage density, but the management of storage space is more complex, often unable to achieve first out control. Of course, the three-dimensional active warehouse can develop upward, with good storage and storage density, but the relative investment cost is relatively high.
Although the higher the shelf storage rack, the more available warehouse space, but this will affect the storage efficiency and increase the cost, enterprises need to consider according to the actual situation.
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