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How many layers of attic type shelf design is reasonable

Mezzanine pallet racking can effectively use the height of the warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of storage, and is widely used in various industries. The loft type shelf is composed of multiple platforms, which can create a multi-layer space. So, how many layers of attic shelf design is more reasonable?
Loft type shelf is to build an intermediate loft on the warehouse site, which can increase storage space by building multi-storey attic. Although the more attic floors, the greater the expansion of storage space, but the number of attic floors is not the better. The higher the number of attic floors, the higher the requirements on the security and bearing capacity of shelves, so we should consider the height of the warehouse, the carrying capacity, shelf cost and other factors.
The attic shelf is divided into multi-layer storage shelves by installing laminates, and the staff can carry out storage, sorting and other work on it. The specific construction of several layers is mainly based on the warehouse environment. If the warehouse height is not too high, it is generally not recommended to make too many layers. More layers of attic shelf will affect the stability of the whole shelf. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the number of layers of attic shelf is recommended to be 2-3 layers. The total height of two-story attic shelf is best designed to be 4.2-4.5 meters, while the height of three-story shelf can be designed to be about 7.5 meters.
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