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What is the production process of shelf storage rack

The use of shelf and storage rack can effectively improve the storage space and turnover efficiency of the warehouse. It is an essential and important storage equipment for enterprises at present, and many enterprises need to design and customize suitable storage shelves. What is the production process of shelf storage rack?
The main body of the shelf storage rack is a three-dimensional structure, which is usually composed of three parts, column, beam and laminate. The following is Guangdong Shunli intelligent logistics to introduce the manufacturing process of storage rack:
The first step of shelf storage rack production is roll rolling. The role of roll rolling is to cut off the desired shape of a certain specification length of steel strip through mold rolling, such as storage rack column, storage rack beam, etc. This is a very important step in the manufacturing of storage shelves.
The second step is positioning and punching. According to the actual demand, the warehouse shelf will carry out positioning and punching for the material rolled out of the roll in a specific position, such as the inverted eight holes and diamond holes of the heavy storage shelves, and the round holes on the cross diagonal braces.
The third step is bending, shelf storage rack with steel plate, it needs to bend the steel plate, the main purpose is to effectively fix the steel plate on the beam, second, can effectively enhance the bearing capacity of steel plate.
The four steps are welding and grinding. If the material parts of the shelf and storage rack are well processed, some positions of the storage rack need to be welded, such as column, anchor plate, beam, grab, etc. After the welding of storage rack is completed, it is necessary to polish the welding spot position, which can not only effectively enhance the beauty of the shelf storage rack, but also improve the safety of the storage shelf.
After the completion of the overall frame structure, the surface treatment includes acid pickling and phosphating, electrostatic spraying, constant temperature curing, etc. the surface treatment is a very important step of the shelf storage rack, which not only improves the appearance of the shelf storage rack, but also improves the moisture-proof and anti rust ability of the shelf, and improves the overall service life of the storage rack!
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