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Installation points of storage rack

Storage shelf is an indispensable part of modern industrial warehouse, logistics center and distribution center. More and more industries and enterprises have applied the storage shelf. Now, let's talk about the installation points of storage shelves.
1. Shelf length. Storage shelf length refers to the length of rack beam, that is, the length of each group of shelves. In other words, the inside length of the shelf (this is mainly for heavy shelves, and the light shelf industry is generally calculated according to the length and width of the goods you put on the shelf).
2. Shelf height and number of layers. I often hear people say how high a shelf is. In fact, shelf height refers to the height of shelf columns. It is mainly determined by the height of the factory building, the weight of the goods and whether it is convenient to access the shelves. The number of shelves in Aceally racking is mainly determined by the total height of the shelves and the total height of the goods.
3. The general installation and inspection of the shelf, the general installation is that the shelf is very simple, convenient and easy to operate when assembling; the inspection shelf is to carry out load-bearing according to the weight it can bear. For example: a group of medium-sized shelves in the storage rack can generally bear a weight of 200kg-300kg, which is commonly used in the standard. Then, a batch of goods should be carried out in a proportion of 200kg-300kg, and then a 1:1 test load (200kg is put on the 200kg weight, and 300kg weight is put on the 300kg weight) inspection. Generally, 200kg storage rack can bear 265kg static load and 230kg dynamic load.
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