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Advantages of drive in shelf

With drive in shelves, pallets can be placed so that they can slide back on track, storing them deeper and creating more space in the warehouse. Drive in shelves involve forklifts entering the shelves from one side to load or retrieve deeper pallets.
What are the advantages of drive in shelves?
Refrigerators or freezers can be expensive, so organizations will want to store as many products as possible in as limited space as possible.
If you have a large number of pallets for similar products, drive in shelves can make more efficient use of the space in the warehouse rather than the selective type of shelves, where there is space between many aisles for forklifts.
What are the disadvantages of drive in shelves?
First of all, these shelves are more likely to be abused, so it is very important that the shelves are durable and durable.
The second is the last in first out (LIFO) aspect of the shelf; the fresh product will replace the old product in front of the shelf line; therefore, the old product will not be used until the new product is added.
When should drive in shelves be used?
If your product needs to be refrigerated / frozen.
If you have a large number of similar products and limited space, the drive in shelf may be your best choice for storage.
If your product load is fragile, you cannot store it in the module stack.
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