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Can palletized shelves store goods beyond pallets

Many enterprises usually store more than one type of goods in their warehouses. When they customize the shelves, they do not pay attention to this convenient matter. Therefore, some goods may be stored beyond the heavy duty pallets.
Whether the goods can exceed the pallet depends on the situation. It mainly depends on which kind of goods, such as the goods packed in boxes, it is no problem to exceed the pallet a little bit, but it needs to exceed the same amount on both sides, so as to be stable on the pallet. However, under normal circumstances, it is not recommended that the goods exceed the pallet size of Spieth racking pallet type shelving, especially the heavy goods, so the storage will be dangerous.
Therefore, when customizing the pallet shelf in Spieth, we should make a long-term planning, so as to customize the size of the pallet and shelf, which is suitable for the storage of most products of enterprises. If there is still a large amount of goods to be stored in the future, you can consider purchasing a batch of shelf pallets or customizing a batch of pallets, so you don't have to worry about this problem.
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