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Suitable for supermarket shelves

For supermarket shelves, everyone is familiar with them. In their hearts, they always see more exquisite display racks when they go to the supermarket, which are directly used for the placement and sale of goods. Supermarket warehouse shelves are mainly used for storage of warehouse goods, and are not as delicate as supermarket display shelves. However, when used for warehouse storage, it is also very beautiful. Let us look at the special shelves in the supermarket warehouse, the aspects and details that need to be paid attention to when customizing special supermarket shelves.
Medium-sized steel laminate racks are also called medium-sized racks, which are mainly used to store small and light goods. Like supermarket warehouses, laminate shelves are usually used to store goods, so they are also called special shelves for supermarket warehouses. Because the goods stored in a single layer in the supermarket are relatively light, there are some standard sizes in addition to the medium-sized shelves. The single-layer load-bearing capacity is within 500KG, and it is available from stock.
It is not a standard storage, if the single-layer load exceeds 500KG, it needs to be customized. What information do I need to provide when ordering special shelves and steel laminate shelves in a supermarket warehouse? The shelf structure is very simple, only need to provide length, width, height, number of layers and load-bearing. If it is a large warehouse, a floor plan of the warehouse can be provided, and the storage rack manufacturer can design a placement plan for free, and calculate the required quantity and price.
If your supermarket is decorating or consulting on the shelf, you are welcome to visit our website or learn about our company, maybe we can provide you with many suggestions to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

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