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Triple-upright introduction

Normally a frame of a rack is mainly composed of uprights and beams and crossings, and a frame will have two upright posts.
The difference in structure between triple-upright racks and common racks is that the uprights are composed of 3 uprights, each level has three beams, and the middle beam plays a supporting role to ensure that the loading capacity is to meet the target, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and it is suitable for manual labor. In the case of storage and retrieval of goods, the loading capacity is usually 500KG-1500KG per layer, which can basically meet most of the use needs. A set of three-pillar racks can be used instead of two racks, greatly reducing the cost of use, and increasing the carrying capacity of the racks, which can be used in unlimited connections.
In fact, there are triple-upright racks in both heavy-duty racks and medium-sized racks. The two-upright group is common for heavy-duty racks. The two-upright rack is a column group composed of two uprights and horizontal bracing. The triple-upright rack is obviously three uprights plus horizontal. An upright composed of diagonal braces. Generally, the width of the goods is relatively long, so triple-upright racks should be used. In this case, the goods are large and long, and only triple-upright racks can be used. There is also a case where back-to-back racks can also be designed as three-pillar racks. The design of the original two sets of shelves into three-pillar shelves can save money for one set of upright, and also can save space.
Three- racks have high load capacity, wide layers and many reinforcing bars. There are more types of storage goods, but the cost is more expensive than conventional racks. The shelf beams are the same as the standard shelf beams, which are P-shaped beams and rectangular beams. 
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