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What are the main applications of mezzanine floor pallet racking

Through the above introduction, we know that the loft shelf is to build an intermediate loft on the existing work site or storage space to increase storage space, which is one of the most widely used shelves so far, because the loft platform can store some irregular products, for large and light-weight products, the occupied area is too wide, and the loft shelf is originally in place A floor is added on the basis of the surface, which greatly saves the storage space and improves the utilization rate of the high altitude. This is what you warehouse managers are looking for.
Mezzanine floor pallet racking the biggest use is to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse, thereby reducing the storage cost of enterprises, welcomed by all walks of life. The industry of loft type shelf application includes heavy chemical industry, including automobile manufacturing, automobile maintenance, mechanical hardware and other heavy and manual warehouse. Light industrial warehouse can also make the application of loft shelf reasonable and appropriate. Generally speaking, the attic shelf is a type of convenient access and management. In the heavy-duty chemical industry, attic shelves are usually used with elevators. In light industrial warehouses, elevators are not necessary.
With the cost of land, loft shelves are no longer limited to industrial warehouses. But toward the integration of office and storage. Many enterprises choose to use the loft shelf, the upper part is the office area, the lower part is for storage, which also makes the application of the loft shelf more extensive, and no longer only serves for storage.
Therefore, with the development of economy, we have reason to believe that the loft shelf will appear more and more frequently in people's eyes, and what hidden functions it has, waiting for our discovery and application.
mezzanine floor pallet racking
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