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What should be paid attention to when planning pallet racking mezzanine floors

We all know that the loft shelf platform system is mainly used to store some small and medium-sized goods, which is especially suitable for high warehouse storage. Now spieth (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the following points to be paid attention to when planning and designing the shelf of the loft platform:
1. Materials selected for customized mezzanine rack
The weight of the goods determines what kind of materials we should use when we design the loft shelves. If the width of the warehouse is too wide, the bearing capacity is required to be stronger. If the width of the warehouse is narrow, the bearing requirements used are not so high. We should use plank to make the floor, which can save a lot of cost. But generally speaking, we use steel laminates as the floor of the loft shelf.
2. Height of factory mezzanine floors
In our design, the height of the loft shelf is mainly determined by the height of the warehouse. If the warehouse is high enough, it can be designed in two or even three layers. This can greatly improve the storage capacity of the warehouse.
3. Entrance design of mezzanine floor for warehouse
To get up to the penthouse platform, we must have an entrance design and a staircase, so that we can enter and go up to the penthouse platform on the second floor. We usually design fixed stairs for the entrance, which is operated according to the actual situation of the warehouse. In addition to the fixed entrance, we usually buy movable stairs, which can reduce our cost to a certain extent.
4. Lighting of loft shelf platform
Because the loft platform belongs to multi-layer platform and is in the warehouse, there are usually deficiencies in lighting. In this respect, we need to install lighting equipment, but not a simple lighting system. The explosion-proof performance of the light shall be considered in the design of the light. The cost of saving electricity should not be too high.
5. Load limit plate of mezzanine floor racking system
This is a safety tip, because we know that the load-bearing of the loft platform is regulated. If there is no such load limit plate, which leads to the neglect of the load-bearing capacity of the loft platform, the consequences are very serious.
If you don't know anything about the loft shelf, please don't hesitate to contact me.My email address is: spieth12@spiethstorage.com

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