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The applications and advantages of mobile shelving


Mobile dense shelving is a kind of dense document equipment. According to the different uses, generally divided into: file intensive shelves, book intensive shelves, accounting intensive shelves, medical records intensive shelves, voucher intensive shelves and so on. According to the different structures, it can be divided into open intensive shelves, semi-closed intensive shelves and fully enclosed intensive shelves. Compared with traditional bookshelves and filing cabinets, mobile dense shelves are now more suitable for efficient office environments in cities.


The main advantages of mobile dense shelves. 

High storage capacity

Mobile dense shelves can make full use of the storage space, compared with the traditional file cabinets, its data storage capacity can be increased by more than 50%.


Safe and convenient access

Each column is equipped with hand brake automatic device, buffer device, and side column is equipped with locking device. It is not easy to tilt and has anti-vibration function.


Dust-proof and moisture-proof

The contact surface of each column is sealed with a dustproof plate on top. Thus it has good dustproof and moisture-proof function.


Corrosion-resistant and fireproof

The surface of all parts of the mobile dense shelves are subjected to nine processes of strict oil removal, pickling, phosphating, etc., and then treated with 180° high temperature electrostatic matte spraying, which makes it corrosion resistant. Because each column has a sealing device, usually the whole is locked together and the surface of the dense shelf has been treated by high temperature, so it has fireproof function in case of fire.


Smooth and firm

The combination of shelves and support plates with buckle hooks is smooth and firm, and the spacing between layers can be freely adjusted according to the needs. No resistance and noise when the shelf is shaken.



Each layer of shelves uniform load-bearing is more than 70 kg, if you need to increase, can be specially designed.

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