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How should the shuttle shelf be used and what equipment is needed to go with it?

Shuttle cart racking is a high-density storage rack consisting of traditional storage racks and shuttle carts. One of the biggest differences between it and traditional racking is that it is a semi-automated storage rack. There are certain differences in the way of working and ordinary shelves, so in the use of shuttle shelves in the warehouse, what kind of machinery and equipment should we configure to assist in the work?

Auxiliary machinery and equipment is very common in the operation of the warehouse, the use of traditional shelves will often be used with forklifts to the line. Forklift is mainly responsible for some heavy goods transportation. These goods are not suitable for manual handling, in order to enhance efficiency can be used forklift equipment.

The main transport equipment in the shuttle shelf is the shuttle trolley, which is an intelligent product that can automatically complete the corresponding work by accepting the instructions given by the customer. Commonly, there are simple tasks such as sorting, picking up and transporting goods, in which the shuttle car can effectively replace manual work.


Although the function of shuttle car is very powerful, and can replace the manual in some work, but the shuttle trolley still has some shortcomings. The first is that the shuttle car is not very strong load-bearing capacity, so our warehouse in the need to transport some heavy goods or to use forklifts more convenient. Another situation is that if the frequency of goods delivery is very high, then the use of shuttle car is also not convenient.

The size of the shuttle car is fixed, which means that the size of our shelves are also fixed and cannot be changed in subsequent work, which reduces the flexibility of the shelving system.

As the shuttle car used in the shuttle car rack is an intelligent product, the expensive price of the shuttle car itself raises the manufacturing cost of the whole rack, and the shuttle car rack will be more expensive in the later maintenance process.

Nowadays, as more and more shuttle shelves are put into use, a variety of new types of shuttle trolleys are also emerging, and customers can choose the most suitable one for themselves in many shuttle trolleys. Not only that, in this part of intelligent storage China has also made a huge breakthrough, I believe that the future of the storage shelf industry will enter a whole new stage.

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