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Cautions for use in upper rack storage cages


As a kind of logistics container, the storage cage can place some non-regular goods and then use forklift operation. In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, it is often necessary to use the storage cage on the shelves. However, it should be noted that the storage cage used in the shelf is different from the ordinary storage cage, so when customers order the storage cage, they should first consider whether it is subsequently used in the shelf. If you are not sure, you can give priority to using the storage cage available in the shelf, this kind of storage cage has the versatility.


storage cages used in shelvin

What are the differences in structure between the two types of storage cages used on shelves and those that cannot be used on shelves? The case of storage cages used on shelves is generally combined with heavy-duty racking.Heavy-duty racking is usually two beams. Ordinary storage cages whose bottom is usually four feet, so ordinary storage cages on the shelf, can not guarantee that the feet are placed exactly on the beam. Even if it happens to be in contact with the crossbeam, there is a safety risk of displacement.


While storage cages used in shelving, the bottom is generally two or three horizontal bars. This ensures that it can be connected to the shelf crossbar and is good for shelf tolerance.As long as the depth of the shelf beam is slightly less than the width of the cage, the cage can be placed on the shelf.


Of course, if the customer already has an ordinary storage cage and later, due to business needs, it must be used on a shelf, it is also possible to configure a special partition for storage cages. The special partition is usually L-shaped or U-shaped, longitudinally snapped to the crossbeam, forming a plane, the cage is restrained by the profile, equivalent to placing in its track to the depth of the shelf. And this direction is a plane, can effectively increase the range of storage cages that can be placed.

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