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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About the daily maintenance method of storage racking


The use of storage racking in many modern enterprises is very widely used, but many people only know how to use storage shelves, but do not know how to protect the storage shelves, to extend its service life. Here to bring you some storage shelves daily maintenance methods, to help you extend the life of storage shelves.


Storage shelves in wet weather need our attention to moisture, room temperature weather needs to be clean and anti-corrosion, etc.. The following are a few maintenance points.

storage racking 

Placement of storage racking

Tools, accessories, products should be placed neatly, pipes and lines should be organized so as not to block the passage. Neatly placed racking is not easy to be hit, increasing the safety of the racking and goods.


Cleaning of storage shelves

Cleaning is very important for a shelf, because storage shelves are usually placed inside the warehouse, some units of the warehouse is generally rarely visited. Only when something is needed, it will be hurried to get it and then hurried to leave. So few people will go to clean the shelves. Regular cleaning of the shelves will extend the life of the shelves, the shelves are not always cleaned with water, as long as there is no dust on it. In addition, washing the shelves with water tends to oxidize the surface of the shelves and greatly shorten the service life of the shelves.


Avoid excessive humidity in the warehouse

Apply protective paint to the shelves regularly to reduce rusting, and do a good job of daily inspection. Fix any loose screws in time and reasonably ventilate the shelves, prevent wet goods from being placed on the shelves, and try to drain and dehumidify them.


Set up anti-collision guardrail

According to the different racks, aisle width and delivery tools with a set of anti-collision post. Install anti-collision guardrail in the channel position.


Specify the shelf use system

There are different ways to use racking for different warehouses and goods. The warehouse management should establish a shelf use system, so that each shelf user can learn and comply, in order to achieve the goal of safe and efficient storage.


Equipped with power pushers

Heavy and high-rise rack warehouses must be equipped with power pushers, the use and operation of pushers must only be operated by licensed personnel. Most of the warehouse shelf columns are deformed due to the use of non-designated personnel pushing the high car caused.

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