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Anatomy of narrow aisle racking structure characteristics


What is narrow aisle racking?

Narrow aisle racking is named after the reduction of forklift aisle on the basis of the original heavy-duty racking aisle. In fact, narrow aisle racking does not change the structure of heavy-duty racking, only the original forklift is changed to three-way forklift. Since the three-way forklift does not need to turn in the shelf aisle, the forklift forks can rotate 180 degrees to access the goods, and the forklift handling aisle is narrower in comparison, so it is named narrow aisle shelving.


Narrow aisle racking's prominent feature can be reflected in a "narrow" word, the shelf aisle is about 1600mm-2000mm, greatly improving the application rate of warehouse space. In today's era where land is scarce, increasing the storage capacity means saving land and reducing costs, so narrow aisle racking is preferred by many enterprise warehouses.


Secondly, the narrow aisle racking is installed with a rail of about 200mm high (the rail can be made at the time of civil construction or at the time of racking customization according to the application requirements). It can be used as the guiding rail of forklift, which can reduce the operation request of forklift driver and the narrow aisle racking has lower requirement for forklift driver compared with the through racking.


narrow-aisle-racking-and-three-way forklift

Narrow aisle racking characteristics.

1. The amount of goods stored is large, it is suitable for goods in and out more frequently and has high picking requirements for goods.

2. Storage and logistics centers urgently need to increase the number of storage spaces or require a certain amount of storage.

3. High frequency of goods in and out of the warehouse.

4. The available net height of the existing warehouse is higher than 8M or more. As the cost of three-way forklift is higher than that of ordinary forklift, the revenue brought by the increased storage capacity of its warehouse must be greater than the sum of forklift cost and other cost increase.

5. The forklift can choose independent warehouse forklift, but it cannot use the warehouse forklift to drive outside to perform other tasks.

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