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What the Heck Is Shuttle Shelf?


Shuttle cart racking is an efficient, high-density, low-cost storage method with comparable storage capacity and reliable robustness compared to through racking, and the racking is not easily damaged. This type of racking needs to be used in conjunction with a shuttle car. Driven by a rechargeable battery, the shuttle car travels on a track into a specially designed racking tunnel, where each load is transported to a storage location deep inside the tunnel using lifting plates and positioning sensors. Access to the goods is easily controlled by remote control from the forklift.


Structural features.

It is mainly composed of three parts: racking part, shuttle car and forklift. The shuttle car can lift the pallet by itself and run along the track inside the racking aisle, transporting the goods from the entrance to the inside of the aisle or from the inside of the aisle to the exit. At a time when land costs are increasing and personnel and operating costs are rising, the warehouse industry is facing enormous challenges in terms of space and manpower requirements!


Safety design.

1Anti-foreign object collision design

2Multi-vehicle operation anti-collision design

3Laser positioning protection system, no need for anti-collision signs on the track

4Design to reduce malignant work failure

5Battery shortage alarm, when the battery is low, stop at the entrance end to wait for processing


Applicable occasions.

1Each aisle stores the same kind of goods

2Shelf height is limited by forklift operation height

3In and out of goods at both ends or one end (FIFO or FILO)

4The strong competitor of rolling shelf, extruded shelf and drive-in shelf

5Suitable for cold storage


Product performance.

1Realize high density storage of pallet goods, significantly reduce the cost of warehouse construction

2First-in-first-out and first-in-last-out goods can be freely selected

3Personnel do not need to drive in, high efficiency in and out of the goods

4Earthquake safety performance is much higher than drive-in racking

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