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Three guidelines for rack safety

Warehouse managers and rack owners have a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Improper use, selection, installation or maintenance of racks and storage systems can put workers at risk of injury and expose employers to serious liability in the event of an accident. 

The importance of rack safety

● Protecting your employees and assets
● Reducing the risk of damaging products and equipment
● Managing your operations effectively
● Reducing downtime when out of service due to rack damage
● Compliance with (OSHA) and its regulations

Here we provide three suggestions for shelf safety for reference.

1. Make no assumptions

There are many important details that most people tend to assume when it comes to racking safety. If a third party maintains or works on the shelving in your warehouse, Spieth advises individuals not to assume that the contractor is well trained and takes safety precautions while working. 

To help avoid any regrettable incidents, make sure you have confidence in the contractor. Remember that it is your responsibility as a warehouse owner to ensure that the people working in your warehouse are competent and legal. It is your responsibility to make sure your racking contractor is licensed and insured, and to check to make sure SEMA has approved him/her.

2. Always Plan in Advance

Spieth urges warehouse owners to always plan ahead for the installation of racking systems. Planning ensures that you are prepared for adequate working space and safe working space. The most important thing to consider when planning is the layout of the racking system relative to the warehouse. Unless your warehouse is in good condition, your racking system will not be efficient and safe!

3. Conduct regular shelf inspections

Well maintained racking systems can serve you for years. Unfortunately, many people tend to neglect their systems and therefore end up spending too much on replacements. One way to take care of your shelving is to make sure you use it properly. For example, avoid overloading and climbing. In addition, you should physically protect the system. Spieth also encourages people to have their racking inspected once a year by a SEMA-approved inspector.

This is only a brief summary of the guidelines for warehouse racking. It is best to read these documents for yourself and consult an expert if you don't understand something. Keep in mind that these documents provide pragmatic advice that is not legally binding, but you are advised to take advice from Spieth when it comes to occupational safety related matters. However, don't mistake the guidelines for the law.


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