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What should food warehouse pay attention to in summer

The warehouse of food industry has always been a warehouse with high environmental requirements, especially in summer, the temperature in the warehouse will be significantly improved, so it is very easy to cause food deterioration in the warehouse. So there are many details to pay attention to when choosing to use warehouse storage shelving. Let's analyze them together.
1. Keep the ventilation in the warehouse
In order to ensure the safety of the warehouse, many enterprises will keep the design of the warehouse airtight during the design. This benefit is to improve the safety of the warehouse, but it will also cause the warehouse to be very hot in summer, which is very unfavorable for food. If the warehouse needs to store some items that are easy to expire, ventilation is needed to ensure the air circulation in the warehouse.
2. Try to store all products separately instead of stacking them together.
Different types of goods must be stored separately, and cannot be stacked together. Stacking and squeezing between goods also lead to product damage. For example, some products that are easy to get moldy will quickly speed up the moldy area after stacking. At the same time, do a good job in temperature control. Many foods have very strict temperature requirements. If the temperature is higher than the safe temperature for a long time, the food will deteriorate and cause huge losses to the enterprise.
In order to better ensure the quality of raw materials, many food industries in the market will use refrigerators to store goods. The role of refrigerators is to ensure that the food will not go bad as much as possible by relying on low temperature. This kind of warehouse has a great advantage for storing food and is very popular in the industry.
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