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How can storage shelves be used for a more long time?

It is well known that no matter what the product is, it has a certain life span, and storage racks are no exception. Usually the better the shelving material you choose and the more attentively you maintain it, the longer the shelf life. If used properly, the shelves can extend the shelf life of storage shelves. In general, shelves can be used correctly, coupled with regular maintenance, storage shelves can be used for decades. So how to extend the service life of storage shelves?

If you follow the general knowledge of using storage shelves provided below by Spieth shelves and pay attention to the maintenance details during use, you can keep the shelves for a long time.

1、Apply maintenance paint regularly to remove rust stains. Do daily inspection and regularly check whether the screws are loose. If they are, fix them in time, ventilate them in time and insist that the warehouse is not too wet. 

2、It is better to add curtains on the shelves by the window to avoid excessive direct sunlight. Keep the shelves dry before shelving, avoid water accumulation on the shelf level and keep ventilation. 

3、Set up a set of anti-collision posts according to different shelves, aisle width and the kind of goods to be transported, and set up anti-collision guardrails in the aisle direction. 

4、The weight of the goods placed on the shelves must be within the load-bearing range of the shelves. The storage room staff makes markings on the shelves. The principle of the bottom weight of the shelf should be followed, i.e. the bottom is heavy and the top is light. 

5、Heavy-duty shelves and high-rise shelves must be equipped with trolleys. The use and operation of the trolley must be operated by certified professionals. Most of the collision deformation of the warehouse column is caused by the use of trolley by non-designated personnel. 

6、Regulate the shelf use system. Different storage rooms, different shelves, each storage room has a different way to facilitate the shelves. Warehouse managers must develop a warehouse use system, so that each warehouse users can learn and comply, which is to achieve our purpose.


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