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What are the main advantages of steel platform racking?


Background of the creation of steel platform racking

There are many types of modern storage shelving products, and there are great differences in their structure and functional characteristics between the various types of shelves. Although there are many types of shelves, in fact, many of them are similar in structure, such as steel platform shelves and mezzanine floor shelves. Both of them have relatively big differences in function and storage goods, so what are the advantages of steel platform shelves?

In today's society, the cost of land is becoming more and more expensive, which greatly increases the operating costs of enterprises. In order to solve this problem, many customers are thinking of ways to improve their warehouse space utilization as much as possible, hoping to be able to store more goods in the existing warehouse. Ordinary shelves due to the structure, if the shelf height is too high will affect the stability of the entire shelf. In this case, it may be necessary to consider the use of some other types of shelves, such as steel platform shelves.

steel platform

Advantages of Steel Platform Racking

The advantage of this structure is that the space above the warehouse can be fully utilized. The advantage of steel platform racking is that its structure is more stable, which means that this racking has a stronger load-bearing capacity and can store more heavy goods, which is not available in mezzanine floor type racking. So companies can judge which shelf to use according to the situation of goods in their warehouse.

How to purchase steel platform shelves?

We often meet customers who are not very clear about their needs. In order to design the shelves better, consulting the shelf manufacturer is the best choice. Tell the situation of your own warehouse to the shelving manufacturer (such as Spieth shelving), and the manufacturer will arrange professional staff to design the shelving solution for the customer, which can make the job of purchasing shelves much easier.

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