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Can heavy-duty racks control the speed of goods sliding?


The main function of warehouse shelves is to store goods, but in addition, picking is also needed in many warehouses. So companies whose goods need to be picked in large quantities will choose the type of warehouse shelving suitable for goods picking, such as heavy-duty shelving. That heavy-duty shelves can control the speed of goods sliding? Here to find out.


heavy duty pallet rakc

The answer is yes. The structure of heavy gravity racking is similar to beam racking, except that a roller track is placed on the beam and the track is inclined at 3-5. The principle is to use the self-weight of the cargo body to make the cargo body move from high to low on the channel with a certain height difference, so as to complete the operation of incoming, storage and outgoing storage. The speed of sliding down can be adjusted by dampers.

heavy duty rack


Heavy-duty gravity racking, also called FIFO racking, is a very good choice for goods that need to be picked in bulk with high storage density, in addition to enabling goods picking. Gravity shelving and fluent shelving are the same working principle, the difference is that gravity warehouse shelving is suitable for heavy goods storage picking and forklift access to goods. Fluent racking is suitable for light goods storage and picking, and manual access to the goods.

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