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Six Essential Tips for Choosing Between New or Used Pallet Racking


Pallet racking purchase

If you are planning to purchase a batch of pallet racking, due to your limited budget, you are not sure whether it is better to purchase brand-new pallet racking, or used pallet racking? By searching through Google, you have in all likelihood realized that there many racking and accessory options. There are many matters to reflect onconsideration on when determining between new and used racking that you probably don’t realize. Here, this article provides you with six factors you need to consider on how to select pallet racking.

Your pallet racking budget 

With our used pallet racking options, you might be in a position to locate financial savings of 30% or more. If fee is king, used preferences are in all likelihood for you. But there are positive matters you are giving up at the price of, well, the cost.

The precise capacity of used pallet racking 

One query we frequently get hold of is centered around capability and what weight a used pallet rack can hold. The best that we or other used distributors can supply is estimation with no guarantees. That is due to the fact we don’t constantly know what the racking was once storing, what it went through from a wear and tear standpoint, and what the racking was once manufactured for. There are certainly questions inside this question that need to be addressed. With new material, however, we can provide exact capacity numbers and a manufacturer warranty to back that product (warranty terms vary by manufacturer).

new pallet racking

Your primary stored goods 

Different goods have different characteristics, so it is important to pick the right pallet racking according to the storage requirements of the goods. So you need to ask yourself quite a few  questions about your products, including, but not limited to:

  • What are the dimensions of my merchandise and/or pallets?
  • How plenty do my products/pallets weigh?
  • Are there environmental necessities for my cloth (example: food, clinical supplies)
  • How typically do my SKU’s pass or flip over? 

Size of your warehouse space

We get a lot of requests for full racking layouts of used material. While this can be a solution, if you’re laying out a large warehouse, this may now not be the nice choice for you. We have found that used material is best for smaller applications, or adding on to existing racking. If you have your building’s dimensions (ceiling height, length, width) this will help guide your purchase as well.

Pallet racking officially opened time 

If you already understand precisely WHAT you want and WHEN you want it, new material may be a better option. We inventory a vast range of new materials and can get out the door and on the way to you inside forty-eight hours of your order. Visit our website to see what we can get to you in a count of days!

 used pallet racking

The appearance of the pallet rack 

You can find used pallet racks in a range of conditions. At Spieth Now, we can say the identical about our inventory. The reply to this query comes lower back to the first query about the budget. If you are adequate with small blemishes or paint chips, a used pallet rack is a superb bargain option.


If you still have questions about how to choose pallet racking, please contact us at or give us a call at spieth12@spiethstorage.com or give us a call at +86 18006010205.

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