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Types and roles of warehouse shelves

The shelves are the storage equipment specially used for storing the items in pieces. Shelves in the warehouse occupy a very important position, with the substantial increase in the flow of goods, in order to achieve the modern management of the warehouse, improve the function of the warehouse, not only requires a large number of shelves, but also requires a multi-functional, and can achieve mechanization, automation.

The role of shelves 

●The role and function of shelves are as follows. 
Shelf is a kind of shelf structure. It can make full use of warehouse space and expand warehouse storage capacity.
The goods on the shelves are easy to access, easy to count and measure.
Shelves can ensure the quality of stored goods, you can take moisture-proof, dust-proof, bad and other measures to improve the quality of material storage.
The structure and function of the shelves are conducive to the mechanization and automated management of the warehouse.

Shelves account for a large proportion of the total investment in storage equipment and have a great impact on the mode of operation of the warehouse. Therefore, it is important to reasonably choose the design of economic shelves. Under the condition of ensuring the strength, rigidity and overall stability of the shelves, we should try to reduce the weight of the shelves, reduce steel consumption, reduce the requirements of the shelves on the warehouse floor pressure-bearing capacity to meet various storage needs.

storage shelf

Classification of Shelf System

According to the shelf manufacturing process, it can be divided into welded shelves and combined shelves. According to the movement state of shelves, they can be divided into fixed shelves, mobile shelves and rotary shelves. According to the structural relationship between shelves and buildings, they can be divided into integral structural shelves (warehouse-shelf combination-type) and separated structural shelves. According to the type of goods storage unit, it can be divided into pallet shelves and container shelves. According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into layer shelves, layer grid shelves, drawer shelves, cantilever shelves, etc.

According to whether the shelves are fixed or mobile, they can be divided as follows.

1、Fixed shelves 
Fixed shelves can be subdivided into shelves, pallet shelves, through shelves, gravity shelves, press-in shelves, loft shelves, steel platforms, cantilever shelves, mobile shelves, drawer shelves, bull-leg shelves, etc.

2、Mobile shelves 
Mobile shelves can be subdivided into mobile shelves and rotating shelves, where mobile shelves can be subdivided into light and medium-sized mobile shelves (also known as dense shelves, divided into manual and electric), heavy-duty pallet-type mobile shelves, and rotating shelves can be subdivided into horizontal rotating and heavy straight rotating shelves.

According to the overall structure of the shelf is welded or assembled, can be divided as follows. 

1、Welded shelves

2、Assembled shelves 

At present, most of the assembled shelves are used internationally.

According to the connection between the shelf system and the warehouse building structure, it can be divided as follows.

1. Storage-rack integrated shelf

The shelf system and the roof of the building constitute an inseparable whole, and the roof load is directly supported by the shelf column, and the enclosure (wall) structure of the building is installed on the columns on both sides.

2. Separate structural shelves
System and building are two separate systems, which are not directly connected with each other.

The load capacity of each floor of the unit shelf can be roughly divided as follows.

1. Light goods shelves: the load capacity of each floor is not more than 200kg.
2. Medium-sized shelves: the load capacity of each floor is 200~500kg.
3.Heavy goods shelves: the load capacity of each floor is above 500kg.

According to the height of the shelf, it is divided as follows.

1. Low shelf: the height is less than 5m.
2. High shelf: the height is 5 ~ 12m.

3. Super high shelf: over 12m.

If you want to know more information about storage shelves, please click the following link.

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