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How to distinguish light shelving from heavy shelving?


Light duty shelving and heavy duty shelving are both common storage shelves, so what are the differences between them in terms of materials, functions and application areas?

1. What is a heavy shelf?

It is mainly used in some industrial fields to store some large physical raw materials or semi-processed accessories, especially in some heavy machinery manufacturing industries. Many products need to be stored on heavy shelves before final assembly or delivery. It can also be said to be a warehousing tool which is widely used in the industrial field.

heavy duty shelf

2. What is a light shelf?

It is mainly used in some beauty industry, chemical industry, food industry,     supermarkets, families, etc. Its concept can be said to be just opposite and complementary to heavy shelves, and the objects of use between them are completely different, so that it is convenient for everyone to make a better difference between heavy shelves and light shelves.

light duty shelf

3. What is the difference between application fields?

The use range of the two kinds of shelves is very different. One is often used on heavy construction sites such as industry, metal industry and construction industry. And the other is used in some supermarkets, families and other occasions. The market response of both sides is just complementary.

4. What is the difference between using functions ?

The use of heavy-duty shelves is mainly to deal with various heavy and bulky items, so the functional design tends to be sturdy, heavy-bearing, convenient to load and unload, etc. However, the use of light shelves is mainly for items with relatively small volume and light weight. Therefore, in terms of functional design, relatively speaking, it doesn't consider much about the load-bearing of the shelf itself, mainly developing some better collection methods or more beautiful style design.

5. What is the difference between using materials?

Because there are great differences between the object of use and the storage target of the two shelves, there are some differences in the production materials used by the two shelves. The material requirements of heavy shelves are relatively high, and basically there is no requirement for weight. However, light shelves have lower requirements on materials, but pay more attention to weight.

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