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Difference between cross beam racking system and double deep pallet racking system


Relationship between cross-beam racking system and double deep pallet racking system 

Beam racking is a racking system used in a variety of industries, while double-depth pallet racking system is derived from it. Therefore, there are often comparisons between these two types of racking, so what is the difference between beam racking and double-depth pallet racking? Don't worry, you'll understand after reading this article!

Normal distribution of Beam racking & Double-deep rack distribution.




Beam racking

double depth pallet racking

Rack structure

It is assembled by column, diagonal brace, cross brace, cross beam and bolt.

It is a kind of dense shelving, and this shelving system adopts double-row side-by-side design structure.

Forklift Type

Conventional forklift

scissor lift trucks

Access method


First in, last out

Picking rate

The cross-beam racking can be accessed at any one of the bays, which is convenient and quick to operate, effectively improving work efficiency.

Because of the deeper storage bay, the double-depth pallet racking picking rate is not as high as that of the beam racking, which is only fifty percent.

Storage capacity

Normal storage capacity

Up to 30% more storage capacity under the same site conditions


Well, the above is the difference between beam shelving and double depth pallet racking, I believe we all have a certain understanding. When you buy storage shelves, you must choose according to the characteristics of the stored products and the use of needs.

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